RAP gets a new website

Welcome to the new RAP website. As many of you will know the old RAP website, although still functional, was in desperate need of updating.

What the RAP Foundation really needed was a website that we could manage and maintain for ourselves - a Content Management Site - which would allow us to add or change pages and galleries throughout the site and in turn save on the ongoing costs of having this done for us.

We have been extremely lucky to have such a site built and donated to RAP by Ian and Rachel Findlay of Infared Web. They have designed and coded a simple CMS website that sets us up with a brilliant foundation from which we can now build on - adding our own pages and giving us complete control of the content is exactly what we needed!

With our sincere thanks to Ian and Rachel for ALL their hard work and putting up with my 'dimness' regarding all the technical bits of it, you guys deserve a medal! Also our appreciation to Derek Ross and John McVie for their input regarding uploading photos and for future support to keep our website looking fine and dandy! You're all stars! 

Linda Barr