Latest Quiz.

Over the past few years, the quiz has raised £4303 for The RAP Foundation. This is a lot for  such a small charity and has been extremely appreciated. The money has been well sent, being used for psychological support, treats for those in institutions (such as paper, soap, deodorant, soap etc) as well as trips to McDonalds! Recently, monies from the Quiz have been used to improve conditions in the boys apartment.
Once again, a huge thanks to Yvonne for the magnificent work you have done on our behalf.


Thanks for taking part in the Buildings Quiz.

Your support is much appreciated.

There were 129 entries (31 all correct).

The winner of the draw was J. Mackintosh of Kent.

The total raised for the charity was £150.

I have attached a copy of the answers as well as the new quiz.

I hope you enjoy it.