John and Lynne Green's recent trip to Romania.



John and Lynn Green’s visit to Romania


Having successfully bid for the trip to Romania at the RAP ball we enjoyed our trip very much.  From the busy race tracks streets of Bucharest to the quaint streets of Brasov and Bran a short train ride away; a country of many contrasts.


 The highlight of the trip was seeing the work done by the RAP foundation.  The humbling trip to Plataresti with the opportunity to meet  the residents and spend time with some of them in the visitors lounge.  Afterwards we visited Razvan’s “adopted parents” home where we shared food and drink with them followed by a visit to the flat where Razvan and the boys all live.  It was amazing to see where they had come from and how they were now living and working in the community with the support of the foundation and other agencies. 


 John picked up new skills on this trip and if anyone finds the recipe for chicken livers Romanian style let us know!