Hope Concert 2015


Linda had a very busy trip to Bucharest in March, including meetings with a number of our supporting Romanian Professional partners. There were two highlights during the week.


Hope Concert 2015

Linda was invited to attend the Hope and Homes charity concert on 18th March 2015 by John McKellar from Bridging the Gap. Among the 700+ guests was the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis. This was an historic landmark. In the last 20 years no President of Romania has ever attended an event of any NGO. 

President Ioannis delivered an extraordinary speech about the importance of saving Romania’s children from institutions and from abandonment. It was in relation to the work by Hope and Homes but equally could be said about RAP’s work. 

In his speech he said:

"A society in which people do not care about each other loses its direction and a society who neglects its children has no future. By what you are doing and especially because of who you are you managed not only to give these children a place they can call “home”, but also to give them hope. You saw suffering and despair and you did not look away. You listened and showed that you care. You came up with solutions, you generated debate, created partnerships with public authorities and you have developed social services – in short you have shown that all of this is possible. "

"I wish that, at the end of my term as president, every child in need in Romania to enjoy other alternatives to the old placement centres and those who exit the child protection system to have a fair opportunity to succeed in life. These are objectives that can be achieved through political will and common and responsible action on behalf of the authorities and the society."

Hope for all we hope.