A Christmas message from John Mckellar of "Bridging the Gap"

Dear Friends


As we get closer to Christmas, I wanted to thank you sincerely once more for making a contribution towards our Indiegogo campaign of earlier this year. Below is a message from Linda Barr, founder and president of the RAP Foundation which has worked with Aurel for 20 years. 

The RAP Foundation sincerely thank all the wonderful people who helped Aurel and Mariana secure their lives in lives together.

Three years ago,  Mariana died, and her brother wanted to secure her resting place so when he dies he can be buried with her. 

After Bridging the Gap gained funds via the crowdfunding appeal, and the magnificent support from Mircea from BTG, Mariana's resting place will now belong to Aurel in the future. After Aurel was given this news, he said "now I know Mariana is safe and can never be lost in the future, and I know I can be with her when I die, I can now visit my friends in Scotland knowing she is safe".....

Aurel then applied to the general direction of sector 2 for their approval to go on holiday to Scotland with another friend from his home. He saved his own ticket money to travel. The RAP Foundation provided accommodation and daily supplies.  In September 2015, Aurel and his friend travelled with BlueAir to the UK. This was Aurel's first time travelling by plane and his first time out of Romania at the age of 39.

He met SO many friends and supporters of BTG and RAP at a Gala Ball. When there, he got the biggest surprise - he was reunited with the first ever nurse who worked in his Camin Spital from 1990 - Robyn Beckerleg. I've attached some photos from this great occasion with Aurel kitted out in his tartan trews below.



It was an extremely emotional time for all. He told Robyn (pictured above and visiting from New Zealand) about Mariana,  and he was passionate to say she 'is safe' and that she had been a big part of their lives and that he would never forget her.

Thank you to all who donated to the crowdfunding campaign...... you really DID make a difference!

We will keep you posted of the future developments for the grave site - Linda Barr, RAP Foundation


Once more, many thanks to all of you who supported our campaign. You have brought peace to a true gent who sought it for so long. 

With all the best for a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year