2014 RAP Activity Report


RAP Activity Report




November 2013 to December 2014 has been spent less on direct work with the young people

in the camins and more on administrative, organisational issues. The reason for this is two

fold, primarily Sector 2 has made it extremely difficult for RAP to have contact with the

young people without the cover of another NGO. Secondly RAP members needed time out

from the constant battles with sector 2 which in turn allowed the organisation to focus on the

other issues as noted above. Work continues with the young men in the apartment and

promoting human rights awareness. It has been a period of change in terms of the Board

Members of The RAP Foundation and Associata RAP in Romania.


Primary Activities

Activities with young people in Institutions-

Trip to MacDonalds in June 2014 for 30 young people from the camins supported by The

Romanian Angel Appeal RAA

Human Rights Promotion –

Article by Luke Dale Harris for News Internationalist on the issues being raised by RAP, CRJ

and MDAC December 2013

Al Jazzeera Documentary- People and Power “Europe’s Hidden Shame” questioned

conditions in institutions for disabled people and EU Structural Funding of the institutions.

Aired April 2014


Professor Kerr presentation to International Association for Scientific Study of Intellectual

Disabilities in Vienna in July 2014 – Lessons the Scientific Community should learn about

their role in human rights abuses, using The RAP Foundations experiences in Romania as a

case study.

Avocatul Popurlui (Peoples Advocate) Romanian Ombudsman – RAP members invited to be

part of working party on prevention of torture and human rights abuses of people in

Romania’s institutions.


Continuing to liaise with CRJ.

Continuing to maintain links with Russell Brown MP and Mr Liddington Minister for


Publicity and Promotion

A new RAP Foundation website was made and launched in September 2014.

Sponsored a Cup at the International Ice Hockey Championship in Dumfries in March 2014


The RAP Foundation Ball was held in October 2014 at the Cairndale Hotel


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Apartment Project

Support the young men in the apartment, providing funding for psychological interventions

by Sorina Petrica Clinical Psychologist.

Support Aurel in his desire to secure his sisters grave.

Provide support and activities for Razvan and Virgil to visit Scotland for a holiday in October



4 visits to Platarest took place in the year, gifts and supplies.

Also visit and support given to Marius who was admitted to Olenita Hospital with TB


Provide support for Papusica’s surgery, rehabilitation and psychology sessions via

contributions by a private financial donor.

Associata RAP

Vali Ion has informed RAP that he is to resign along with his colleagues from the board of

Associata RAP.

Valentina Bornea, will act as legal advisor and Papusica, Paula and Razvan will constitute the

new board.


The RAP Foundation Board

John Glover informed RAP of his resignation as Chairperson of the foundation from


John McGoldrick resigned as secretary.

New Board members to be apppointed .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  Liason with other organisations

Links have been made with the following organisations over the past year:

Proact Support, Our Lady of Mercy Romania, SCUT, James Kodor, Ian Tilling, Bridging the


Special recognition to The RAA who have enabled some contact with the young people by

RAP to take place.