About the RAP Foundation

The RAP Foundation is the formal culmination of a dream involving a number of Dumfries based professionals who were associated with the Dumfries Hospitals Romanian Support Group. They have developed direct working links with colleagues in Romania in order to advance the education and to relieve the suffering and distress of children and young people both in Romania and in Bucharest in particular.

The RAP Foundation seeks to:

  • Develop and maintain links between the people of Scotland and Romania.
  • Establish and conduct activities for the benefit of young children and young people residing in Romania.
  • Establish and conduct activities for the benefit of people with disabilities residing in Romania.
  • Establish and conduct activities which promote social inclusion for children and young people residing in Romania.
  • Promote life skills and opportunities for people either currently or previously resident in state institutions.
  • Undertake activities which work towards reducing physical, sexual and emotional abuse against children and the neglect of children and young adults.

In July 2007 the RAP Foundation officially opened its first supported accommodation apartment, giving a ‘family’ style home for Aurel, Florin, Razvan and Virgil. The RAP Foundation is now working hard with the authorities in Bucharest, its project partner – The Romanian Angel Appeal (RAA), and other agencies to continue its support for the apartment and extend the model to develop similar projects leading to lifestyle improvements and hope for the future for other youngsters currently living in institutional care.

So, why donate to the RAP foundation then?

Well, all the money we raise goes towards our work in developing advanced education opportunities and introducing measures to reduce suffering and distress for children and young people in Romania.

Donations to our charity enable us to undertake several activities including:

  • Holidays for institutionalised residents of the Camin.
  • Provision of supported accommodation for some of the youngsters.
  • Training in life and social skills for children and young people.
  • Improvements to existing hospital amenities and activity rooms.
  • Training for Carers and Educators.
  • Social trips and entertainment for children and young people.
  • Provision for improved monitoring of dental and general health through our professional contacts.
  • Regular dialogue with statutory bodies on developing enhanced provision of services.
  • Development of child protection training, protocols and procedures with local police.


Most importantly, we are able to provide the love and affection to the youngsters that they lack in their lives, giving them the opportunity to develop their own skills and enabling the introduction of badly needed social contact into their everyday experiences at the same time as ensuring the protection of their interests.